ScriPic, Inc.™

Founded on January 21, 2011

ScriPic is a media production company founded with the intent to revolutionize Christian content.

The fast evolving global environment is leaving today’s Christian content behind; remaining socially and spiritually segmented, ineffective, non-captivating and uninspiring. With the belief that Christian content should reach non-Christians and Christians alike, ScriPic, Inc. will revolutionize Christian content.  As a Christian media production company that produces feature film, webisodes and short films, our objective is to have a widespread impact, influencing this generation’s culture by producing practical and relevant content.

ScriPic, Inc understands that in order to reach this generation, you must master the ability to reach its culture. With the immense influential power of this media platform, ScriPic will do its part to change the world. One frame at a time.