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Vice-President / Co-Founder

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Released by ScriPic, Inc., A Christian Media Production Company


SCRIPIC INC., a Christian media production company, will be releasing the first episode from its new web series, Great Controversy on December 22, 2013, 9:00 pm EST/8:00 pm CST on

ScriPic founders, Ron Toussaint and Marc Thevenin are lifelong best friends and phenomenal musicians (pianist and drummer respectively). They share a deeply rooted love for God and the arts, which has evolved into their creation of this media production company.

Ron calls Chicago home, which was instrumental in affording Great Controversy’s production team the opportunity to film at a number of gorgeous Chicago locations.  The Baha’i House of Worship, a registered national historic landmark, is one such site.  ScriPic was granted the distinct pleasure of being the first media production company to film inside this striking location. This was just one of many occasions that has facilitated ScriPic, whose aim is to “change the world, one frame at a time,” to maintain the standard of quality their work has become synonymous with.

 The series follows the journey of fictional character, Jakub Voss, as he faces his own great controversy.

Logline:  An ex-mercenary suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder seeks answers to his wife’s death and finds himself in the midst of a national conspiracy.

Synopsis:  Struggling with inner demons, ex-mercenary Jakub Voss attempts to rebuild his life after his past has cost him dearly; including being separated from his ex-wife, Emily Hodges. Jakub learns of Emily's death and suspects foul play. The trail leads him to Zoe Cortez, a news reporter who receives information from Emily about an impending threat against the United States. Jakub tries to discover those responsible for Emily's death, and the beginning of a national conspiracy ensues.

Cast includes: Jacob Moore, Brandon Johnson, Taleah Griffin, Brian Coash, Brent Foster, Clayton Stamper, Tiffany Johnson, Toni Crimea Napolez, Dewayne Perkins, Krenee Tolson, Rosalina Mota, Karen Aldrige

ScriPic, Inc. is a Christian media production company with the intent to revolutionize Christian content. ScriPic believes the reality of human nature is far more profound than has been depicted in most traditional Christian entertainment.  The company is determined to show the unmitigated truth: that we often have to wrestle with our nature daily. For more information, including the Great Controversy trailer, visit: or

ScriPic. Changing the world. One frame at a time.